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Just HorsN Around LLC is minority owned by Susan M. Mayer.  The fundamentals of the business are to provide innovative, user friendly products for the equestrian, agricultural, pet and gardening industries.  Susan’s background is in sales and has launched the business with a patented product (#5,758,886) called the ATB-All Terrain Bucket System. 

Susan has found after years of competitive showing that there is a dire need for an easy way to deliver water to your horse at these competitions, and other horse/animal related events throughout the country.  Currently, there is not another product like ours in the market place.  We feel very confident that we are revolutionizing an industry that has relied on the same methods year after year after year.  Our product exemplifies a simple concept with a simple solution resulting in a major impact on the feasibility of providing food, water and supplies to the horse or any animal, large or small no matter where you are.

It’s not just about the product: the shiny, powder coated, tubular steel cart that holds the only flat back buckets with covers that are stackable.  It’s about what our customers experience when they use the ATB-All Terrain Bucket system.  We have provided the means of saving time and labor on a day to day basis when diligently working on the farm, with animals or in the garden.

What was once viewed as a back breaking, frustrating, dreadful and time consuming chore, is now viewed as an effortless task.  The ATB does the work for you!

We are not only satisfying existing customers we are creating customers. Little did we know how many different ways our customers would find to utilize our product.

Buy one ATB-All Terrain bucket system and simplify your life! Water the horse, feed the dog, plant your flowers, gather your wood and wash the tractor all in one afternoon.  Then put your beverages on ice (in the ATB, of course) kick back and relax.

Just HorsN Around has created a team that consistently strives for excellence.  Our presentation, our quality, the user friendliness of the product and our ability to overcome obstacles all result in the overwhelming satisfaction of our customers experience and our products sustainability.

Our five gallon flat back buckets and covers are manufactured in the USA.  This state of the art facility was built in 2005 with molding equipment of the same vintage. The resin used in producing the buckets, meets FDA standards meaning products used for human consumption can be safely stored within.

Great thought has been put into the presentation of our product.  The ATB cart is neatly packaged and minimal assembly is required.  Easy to follow instructions are included.  In order to maximize customer satisfaction, we also include value added items such as an air pump for the 16 inch pneumatic wheels and a bungee cord for added security while traveling with the ATB.

We are not just selling a product or service, we are creating relationships.  As a small company we believe in maintaining flexibility in order to accommodate each customers needs.

We provide marketing tools such as sales flyers, and are currently working on a video that can be displayed in tack shops, trade shows and events, to help promote the ATB-All Terrain Bucket System.

The ATB-Cart will be the foundation for many adaptable products.

We are extremely excited to introduce the ATB- English Saddle Rack as well as the ATB- “Just Stuff it” Sack.  Both products are in their final prototype stage and will be available in early 2007.

It is our goal to continue to create products that we know serve an existing need in the industry.

Susan Mayer





Instructions (PDF):
Cart Assembly
Setting up Your ATB System
Saddle Rack & Just Stuff It Instructions

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Setting up Your ATB System
Setting up Your Rack System

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